Monkey Thunderbolt – basic knowledge and general info

Want to know more about Monkey Thunderbolt? This article will give detailed information.

  1. Introduction For Monkey Thunderbolt

The game was invented by a legend of Chinese people in ancient time. They trusted that only monkey could reach to the sky and this animal held a competition to choose the best candidate deserve Thunderbolt King and set the rule of the world within 100 years. However, things had gone uneasy, monkeys who took part in the competition had to be the lightest ones and they had to face with challenges and difficulties in order to prove their abilities. Any monkey get out of the way would be losers. 

  1. Description Of Monkey Thunderbolt Slot Game

Players seem to have a memorable experience when playing the Monkey Thunderbolt. The game is definitely interesting and exciting. On the race in the slot game Monkey Thunderbolt which held once in a thousand years, all of competitors have to pass strict rules and difficult training. On this race, just 10 monkeys of a generation could pass the race. At the beginning of the race, on the race which each monkey is competing, all monkeys not only have to search for their own way to touch the top of the sky but also fight against eagles and who is the lightest will be the winner. Joining the Monkey Thunderbolt, you only need to put a bet on monkey which you are interested in and guess which monkey will arrived second and third. In addition to the bet panel is pretty complex, anyone who joins the game can put combined bets with incredible odds.

  1. The Features Of Monkey Thunderbolt

Each game lasts only two minutes, at the last ten second, you will hear a noisy and irritating sound which is produced by the countdown timers of the game, therefore, remember to keep calm and stay focused on the game as you will be easily lose control. Another thing you should bear in mind when playing is that table seat is plentiful. When you are pursuing success in the game, the complex panel will give you a lot of chances of achieving the success in reaching the sky. In the Monkey Thunderbolt, when you are given the jack pot, an interesting jackpot animation will be created. This animation will definitely grab your attention. Additionally, if you cannot see each of monkey clearly, you can zoom in, makes each of them bigger, clearer to see. Another advantages when playing Monkey Thunderbolt is that you can get a lot of award at the same time but you also have to overcome a lot of difficulties as birds that can push down your monkeys, land made of rope, etc.

Presently, you can join the game on any devices as Monkey Thunderbolt now is available on browser or desktop. Though the algorithm if pretty complex, you can get a numerous of benefits and money.

4. Tips To Win In The Monkey Thunderbolt

RM100 is the capital in the Monkey Thunderbolt and you to place it for each bet. There are four steps in total when playing:

The first step is that you have to set your goal is RM100.

The second step is putting the bet of RM1 in the lantern RM100, RM125 and RM175 and betting on them. There are five times of successively betting in the game averagely.

The following step is that you should do these steps over and over to match the bet. Take this as an example if you won RM100 at the last win, you are likely to win RM100 one more time. If this step finishes, by applying these tips, you will have more chances of winning. And now, let’s come to step 4.

In this last step, it’s pretty easy as you can make a bet on any level: RM2, RM3, RM4…

Good luck for you at Malaysia online casino !