Online slot machine Malaysia Winning Tips for High Variance Slots

High Variance Slots Tips for slot machine Malaysia

High Variance online slot machines Malaysia are normally very common amongst slots players as they are developed in such a way in which a single spin could activate a huge jackpot and payout, adding to the sheer thrill of the game.

The drawback of course is that they carry a higher risk of losing huge amounts than their low variance counterparts and it is crucial to bear that in mind before playing these and also to change your strategy and manage your bankroll accordingly.

Microgaming provides a wide range of very common high variance slots which are firm player favorites, here were look at tips on how to find your high variance slot machine Malaysia as well as some winning tips for playing this specific type of slot.

Selecting a High Variance Slot

When selecting a slot you should always avoid high variance slots which have just paid out so you will have to examine the winners list at your online casino of choice to determine which slot machine Malaysia should be ignored to avoid the downswing of the machine which may direct you hitting a losing streak and wasting your money.

Instead of looking for machines that have huge jackpots that have not been paid out in some time as you will never be aware of when they will hit next.

Winning Tips for High Variance Slots

When playing high variance slots, keep reading the following winning tips in mind so as to maximize your winning and game play enjoyment:

  1. Play the smallest bet size possible and handle your bankroll properly so that you can weather losing streaks
  2. The suggested bet size is 1/200th of your initial Bankroll
  3. Ignore the gamble feature
  4. When you win a decent payout stop playing the game and move on
  5. Bear in mind that the RTP's of all Microgaming high variance slots cannot be changed.

Slots Glossary

In days have gone by, Slot Machines were known as "One Armed Bandits". That is because the machines in physical casinos had a lever that you would pull for the reels to spin. Today's Slots in both brick and mortar casinos and particularly online have revolutionized so much that some of them even offer auto-play functionalities. Is your head beginning to spin from all these various terms. Do not worry, we have broken them down in an easy way into those Slots terms which are used most widely.

Coin Size : the size of each bet. On each spin, you can play more than one coin.

Hold : the percentage which the house must payout in winnings. Slot machines normally have a Payout percentage of 96% - 98%, meaning that the overall hold is between 2% - 4%.

Max Bet : The highest number of coins which can be played each spin.

Jackpot : Every Slot Player's fantasy. This is the biggest amount of money that can be achieved on a single slot machine. Several Jackpots are Progressive.

Pay line : The line that leads to winning combinations. Only the designated symbols on this line will trigger a payout by the machine.

Payout Percentages : Payout percentages are not similar at every Casino and are the winnings that the casino pays back over a period of time. Small wins and Jackpot winnings are factored into the Payout Percentage.

Pay Table : The available winning combinations on a slot machine. It is often featured at the top of each machine.

Progressive Slots : This slot machine provides growing jackpots dependent on the amount of money which is played. It is recommended that you have a bigger bankroll to play the Progressive machines, since you should bet the max bet per spin. Betting the max on the Progressive machines is the only way to trigger the Progressive Jackpot.

Random Number Generator (RNG) : The computer program which generates a sequence of numbers in milliseconds to decide which symbols line up on the reels. Each random number generated corresponds to a reel combination. When a machine is not used, the RNG is still working. The amount of money you bet, whether you hit the Spin button or Cash Out button, whether you are winning or losing, have no influence on what combinations the RNG will spit out. Its main purpose is to generate random numbers.

Reels : The area of the Slot machine where symbols are displayed. Classic Slots have three reels. The more reels, the less chance you have to win. Click to view the various kinds of slots.

Symbols : Symbols are the images which are  set on the reels. Depending on the kind of slot machine Malaysia you will play, the symbols differ. Cherries and 7s are common symbols seen on Classic Slot machine games, but others happen on Video Slots and Bonus Slots games.

Winning Combinations : The number of winning results on the pay-table.

Wild Symbol : The Wild symbol changes to present a like symbol to create a winning combination.

Good luck for you at Malaysia online casino !